QTLeap next strategic events in April



QTLeap next strategic events in April



In April the QTLeap team is organizing a number of important events in Prague, Czech Republic.

All the events hosted by the Czech partner – CUNI take place at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University.

On 14 and 15 April, a boost workshop on Pilot 2 is envisaged. This event is important with respect to the synchronization of the partners’ efforts towards the tasks in Pilot 2.

On 16 April, the second Advisory Board meeting will be held. All the members of the Advisory Board will participate in order to observe the progress behind the project and its growing application potential.

On 17 April, the general project meeting of the consortium is taking place. All the partners will report on the achievements and will discuss the current and next steps in the project work plan.

On 18 April, the Project Board meeting is scheduled.